just wanted to say thank you for an excellent service. Keith was very helpful and pickup was simple. I would recommend your service to anyone as it makes the process of transporting cats over long distance very easy and cheap.

Many Many Thanks

Mell Austin 31/10/11



Hi Jill,
sorry for the delay....I was away!

Everything is doing well and the boy is growing up very well.

Of course we have had a positive experience with Keith. He is a kind man and he made ​​possible our Sweet Lord delivery in very good conditions after crossing the whole of France during the worst traffic week end of the country. Well done to Transportacat!!!
Best Regards.
remi roussel



Hi Jill,
Logan is here
We are over the moon with him, and Keith is a lovely man, and has looked after him well
Thank you so much
Kind regards Michell



Hi Jill,

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner...just got your email. I met Keith no bother and now kitten and I are home. She's currently curled up in my pantry...
I can't believe how beautiful she is. No photo could do her justice. Thank you so very much.

I'll let you know how she settles...Hope the rest of Keith's journey goes ok.




Hi Jill,

Thank you for the delivery, the little cat is fine, she is eating, playing, it went just perfect. Also thank you for the toy!
Kind regards,



The girls arrived safely about 1/4 hour ago.
They are stunners.
Very impressed with the carrying crate, although guess where they were sitting? You got it in their litter tray! The smaller one Mimi had got herself into a bit of a mess but nothing that wasn't easily cleaned up so Keith went away with a clean rather than very smelly litter tray.
They are now in my bathroom huddled together in a box.
I am sure they will be up to mischief in a few days time .
Moon is now well settled although he does try the "feed me , feed me" routine at regular intervals. I think he prefers wet food to the dry which is always out except at meal times. He is very very loving.
Thanks and take care.




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